Electrohydrodynamic jetting of mouse neuronal cells.

  title={Electrohydrodynamic jetting of mouse neuronal cells.},
  author={Peter A M Eagles and Amer N Qureshi and Suwan N. Jayasinghe},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={394 Pt 2},
CAD (Cath.a-differentiated) cells, a mouse neuronal cell line, were subjected to electrohydrodynamic jetting at a field strength of 0.47-0.67 kV/mm, corresponding to an applied voltage of 7-10 kV. After jetting, the cells appeared normal and continued to divide at rates similar to those shown by control samples. Jetted cells, when placed in serum-free medium, underwent differentiation that was sustained for at least 1 month. Some of the droplets produced by jetting contained only a few cells… CONTINUE READING

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