Electrogenicity of the Na-K-ATPase pump in bullfrog cornea epithelium.

  title={Electrogenicity of the Na-K-ATPase pump in bullfrog cornea epithelium.},
  author={G. Carrasquer and Sukhee Ahn and Martin Schwartz and Warren S. Rehm},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={249 2 Pt 2},
The effect of changing the K concentration in the aqueous solution was studied in the frog cornea. In general, when the K concentration was increased from 4 to 20 or 79 mM, the transepithelial PD and resistance decreased. If K was decreased from 79 to 4, 20 to 4, or 4 to 0 mM, or any other combination, the PD and resistance increased. These are normal PD responses. If after a K-free period of more than 5-10 min the K was increased to 4 mM, the PD increased, an anomalous PD response. If K was… CONTINUE READING

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