Electrogenic Kinetics of a Mammalian Intestinal Type IIb Na+/Pi Cotransporter

  title={Electrogenic Kinetics of a Mammalian Intestinal Type IIb Na+/Pi Cotransporter},
  author={Ian Cameron Forster and Leila V. Virkki and Elena Bossi and Heini Murer and Juerg Biber},
  journal={The Journal of Membrane Biology},
The kinetics of a type IIb Na+-coupled inorganic phosphate (Pi) cotransporter (NaPi-IIb) cloned from mouse small intestine were studied using the two-electrode voltage clamp applied to Xenopus oocytes. In the steady state, mouse NaPi-IIb showed a curvilinear I-V relationship, with rate-limiting behavior only for depolarizing potentials. The Pi dose dependence was Michaelian, with an apparent affinity constant for Pi ( $ {K_{\rm m}}^{\rm P_i} $ ) of 10 ± 1 μM at −60 mV. Unlike for rat NaPi-IIa… CONTINUE READING


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Characterization of a type IIb sodium-phosphate cotransporter from zebrafish (Danio rerio) kidney

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