Electroencephalographic sleep profiles in recurrent depression. A longitudinal investigation.

  title={Electroencephalographic sleep profiles in recurrent depression. A longitudinal investigation.},
  author={David Jerome Kupfer and Ellen Frank and Victoria J. Grochocinski and Michael Gregor and Ann B. McEachran},
  journal={Archives of general psychiatry},
  volume={45 7},
The electroencephalographic sleep profile of a group of recurrent depressives who had been depressed for less than four weeks was compared with their sleep profile in a prior episode of depression. The findings in these 19 cases indicate that early in the episode, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep findings are more abnormal, including shortened REM latency, REM sleep percent, and REM activity. Other sleep variables, such as sleep continuity measures and decreased delta-wave sleep, are abnormal in… CONTINUE READING