Electroencephalographic laterality changes during human sexual orgasm

  title={Electroencephalographic laterality changes during human sexual orgasm},
  author={Harvey D. Cohen and Raymond C. Rosen and Leonide Goldstein},
  journal={Archives of Sexual Behavior},
Left and right parietal EEGs were recorded while seven subjects experienced sexual climax through self-stimulation. EEG data were quantified by continuous cumulated measurements of the integrated areas of EEG recording during successive 1-sec epochs. In eight out of 12 experiments, this measure revealed a statistically significant change in laterality. Controlled replications with two of the original subjects obviated the possibility that two potential sources of artifact (hand used for… 
EEG during masturbation and ejaculation
It is concluded that the case for the existence of EEG changes specifically related to sexual arousal and orgasm remains unproven.
Frontal alpha asymmetry and sexually motivated states.
A positive relationship between self-reported mental sexual arousal and alpha asymmetry was identified, where coherence between these indicators was higher in women and coherence was stronger when mental versus physical sexual arousal was rated.
Positron Emission Tomography and Sexual Arousal in a Sadist and Two Controls
Positron Emission Tomography (PT) scans of the brain were compared in a sexual sadist and two community controls. The participants heard either an erotic audiotape or a sexually neutral tape while
Positron Emission Tomography and sexual arousal in a sadist and two controls
Positron Emission Tomography (PT) scans of the brain were compared in a sexual sadist and two community controls. The participants heard either an erotic audiotape or a sexually neutral tape while
Asymmetric eeg changes as method actors generated emotions
Electroencephalographic data recorded from left and right frontal, central, parietal and occipital locations were spectrally analyzed for power in each major frequency band and for coherence among all pairs of channels to suggest asymmetric patterns of brain activity may be associated with specific emotional states.
Hemispheric quantitative EEG changes following emotional reactions in neurotic patients
Patients undergoing primal therapy showed symptoms of tension, anxiety, and/or depression and their right and left temporal EEGs were recorded immediately before and after a therapy session.
Brain Activity Unique to Orgasm in Women: An fMRI Analysis.
Methodologic solutions to the technical issues posed by excessive head movement and variable latencies to orgasm were successfully applied in the present study, enabling identification of brain regions involved in orgasm.
Effects of visual sexual stimuli and apomorphine SL on cerebral activity in men with erectile dysfunction.
Increased cerebral activity was associated with penile rigidity, further supporting the conclusion that apomorphine SL improves erectile function in men with ED by enhancing the natural central erectile signals that normally occur during sexual stimulation.
Effect of Sexual Arousal on Cortical Coupling During Performance of the Tower of Hanoi Task in Young Men
Whether previous observation of videos with sexual content affects the degree of cortical electroencephalographic coupling during performance of an executive task is determined to contribute to improving the understanding of the central nervous mechanisms that underlie the effect of sexual arousal on the cognitive processes involved in tasks like TOH.
Sexual Arousal Decreases the Functional Synchronization Between Cortical Areas in Young Men
Data show that decreased synchronization patterns between prefrontal and posterior cortices (parietal and temporal) favor sexual arousal in young men and may contribute to a better understanding of the central nervous system's mechanisms that underlie sexual arousal.


PLEASURE AND BRAIN ACTIVITY IN MAN: Deep and Surface Electroencephalograms During Orgasm
  • R. Heath
  • Psychology, Medicine
    The Journal of nervous and mental disease
  • 1972
Deep and surface electroencephalograms were recorded during sexual arousal culminating in orgasm in 2 patients, 1 undergoing treatment for severe mental illness and the other for intractable epilepsy, substantiating previously reported data of a consistent correlation between activity in the septal region and the pleasure response.
Changes in interhemispheric amplitude relationships in the EEG during sleep.
Data indicate that coincident with each occurrence of a shift from a period of slow wave sleep to aperiod of rapid-eye movement sleep a reversal of the deviations of the individual ratios from the overall mean ratio took place, indicating a change in interhemispheric amplitude relationships.
Lateral specialization of cognitive mode: an EEG study.
EEG asymmetry is distinguished between these two cognitive modes as they occur in normal subjects, using simple scalp recording, and the ratio (right over left) was greater in the verbal tasks than in the spatial tasks.
Suppression of Penile Tumescence by Instrumental Conditioning
  • R. Rosen
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Psychosomatic medicine
  • 1973
&NA; Penile tumescence was elicited in normal male volunteers by erotic tape‐recorded passages. Experimental subjects were provided with immediate contingent feedback [red light] whenever their
Blood pressure and respiratory patterns during human coitus.
  • C. Fox, B. Fox
  • Medicine
    Journal of reproduction and fertility
  • 1969
A peak of blood pressure and a sudden change in respiratory pattern were noted at the male and female sexual climax and blood drawn from the vein took on the color of arterial blood (a bright scarlet).
Physiologic responses during coitus.
Simultaneous recordings of the heart rate on the human female and male before, during and after coitus showed a marked increase in heart rate accompanying the orgasm. The response of the male was m...
Human Sexual Response
A report on clinical findings about human sexual response patterns and orgasmic expression.
Physiological measures of sexual arousal in the human.
The female orgasm
The Double Brain