Electroencephalographic aspects of hemimegalencephaly.

  title={Electroencephalographic aspects of hemimegalencephaly.},
  author={F Paladin and Catherine Chiron and Olivier Dulac and Perrine Plouin and G{\'e}rard Ponsot},
  journal={Developmental medicine and child neurology},
  volume={31 3},
The authors retrospectively studied the electroencephalograms (EEGs) of 12 patients with hemimegalencephaly-a unilateral brain malformation which is often overlooked, despite having typical CT-scan and MRI aspects. They were characterized by three types of abnormal tracing, which correlated with prognosis: triphasic complexes of large amplitude were observed in patients with the earliest onset of seizures, and were associated with the most severe prognosis; unilateral, rhythmic 'alpha-like… CONTINUE READING