Electroencephalographic activity associated with shifts of visuospatial attention.

  title={Electroencephalographic activity associated with shifts of visuospatial attention.},
  author={Shuhei Yamaguchi and Haruki Tsuchiya and Shotai Kobayashi},
  journal={Brain : a journal of neurology},
  volume={117 ( Pt 3)},
The neural processes underlying shifts of visuospatial attention were studied in normal adults by non-invasive recording of brain electrical activity. Event-related evoked potentials (ERPs) were recorded during target detection tasks with targets preceded by central or peripheral directional cues in the visual field, which are hypothesized to provoke voluntary and reflexive shifts of spatial attention. Reaction time to targets varied as a function of cue type and cue-target interval, indicating… CONTINUE READING

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