Electrodeposition of Magnesium from CaCl2 ­ NaCl ­ KCl ­ MgCl2 Melts

  title={Electrodeposition of Magnesium from CaCl2 ­ NaCl ­ KCl ­ MgCl2 Melts},
  author={A. M. Mart{\'i}nez and B{\o}rre Tore B{\o}rresen and Geir Martin Haarberg and Yolanda Castrillejo and Reidar Tunold},
Electrodeposition of magnesium from calcium chloride-based melts was studied on metallic (tungsten and molybdenum) and glassy carbon electrodes. Pure CaCl 2 melt and different alkali chloride solvents including binary CaCl 2 -NaCl, equimolar composition, and ternary CaCl 2 -NaCl-KCl melts with compositions 35:55:10 mol %, containing different MgCl 2 concentrations, were used. In the case of the binary mixture, the operating temperature was both above and below the melting point of metallic… CONTINUE READING