Electrodeposition and characterization of Polyaniline films

  title={Electrodeposition and characterization of Polyaniline films},
  author={Yusairie Mohd and Rosdiazli B. Ibrahim and Muhammad Farhan Zainal},
  journal={2012 IEEE Symposium on Humanities, Science and Engineering Research},
This study describes the effects of deposition potential and deposition time on the electrodeposition of Polyaniline (PANi) films on indium tin oxide (ITO)-coated glass substrate. It was found that the aniline with 0.5M in 1M H2SO4 started to polymerize on ITO substrate at + 0.70 V vs Ag/AgCl. Chronoamperometry was used to deposit PANi on ITO-coated glass at three different applied potentials (ie: +0.75V, +1.0V and +1.5V) and three different deposition times (ie: 60s, 300s and 600s). The… CONTINUE READING
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