Electrodeposition and characterization of Zn‐Mn coatings for corrosion protection

  title={Electrodeposition and characterization of Zn‐Mn coatings for corrosion protection},
  author={Selvarani Ganesan and Ganesan Venkatesa Prabhu and Branko N. Popov},
Abstract Zn–Mn alloys were electrodeposited from an acidic chloride bath. The influence of bath composition and deposition parameters on the alloys' composition, cathodic current efficiency and physical and electrochemical properties was studied. It was found that the composition of the plating bath and deposition potential have significant influence on the manganese content, morphology and corrosion property of the Zn–Mn alloys. Data obtained from linear polarization, Tafel analysis and… CONTINUE READING


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