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Electrodeposited WS$_2$ Monolayers on Fabricated Graphene Electrodes

  title={Electrodeposited WS\$\_2\$ Monolayers on Fabricated Graphene Electrodes},
  author={Yasir J. Noori and Shibin Thomas and Sami Ramadan and V K Greenacre and Nema M. Abdelazim and Yisong Han and Jiapei Zhang and Richard Beanland and Andrew L. Hector and Norbert Klein and Gillian Reid and Philip N. Bartlett and C. H. De Groot},
The development of scalable techniques to make 2D material heterostructures is a major obstacle that needs to be overcome before these materials can be implemented in device technologies industrially. Electrodeposition is an industrially compatible deposition technique that offers unique advantages in scaling 2D heterostructures. In this work, we demonstrate the electrodeposition of atomic layers of WS2 over graphene electrodes using a single source precursor. Using conventional… 

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