Electroconvulsive thresholds of inbred mouse strains.

  title={Electroconvulsive thresholds of inbred mouse strains.},
  author={Wayne N. Frankel and Leslie Taylor and Barbara S Beyer and Bruce L. Tempel and Henry S White},
  volume={74 3},
The electroconvulsive threshold (ECT) test is used commonly in the screening of anti-epileptic drugs in rodent models, but little is known about its genetic or mechanistic basis. Thresholds for minimal clonic, maximal tonic, or psychomotor (partial) seizures were determined in 16 different inbred mouse strains in two different laboratories. A wide range of thresholds was observed, suggesting that a variety of neuroexcitability alleles exist in inbred strains. Although there was generally good… CONTINUE READING