Electrochemotherapy of cutaneous metastases in malignant melanoma.

  title={Electrochemotherapy of cutaneous metastases in malignant melanoma.},
  author={Marie-Pierre Rols and J. M. Bachaud and Philippe Giraud and Christine Chevreau and Henry Roch{\'e} and Justin Teissi{\'e}},
  journal={Melanoma research},
  volume={10 5},
Electrochemotherapy is a new anticancer therapy in which transient permeabilization of cells by an electric field induces a significant increase in the bleomycin concentration and toxicity in tumour cells. We report a clinical study of electrochemotherapy in malignant melanoma. The main issues addressed were the effect of the size of the nodules, the optimization of the electrical parameters, and posttreatment clinical observations. Four patients were enrolled in the study. They received a 10… CONTINUE READING