Electrochemistry on Mars.

  title={Electrochemistry on Mars.},
  author={Steven J. West and Martin S. Frant and Xiong Fei Wen and Ronald Geis and Janet Herdan and Timothy Gillette and Michael H Hecht and William C. Schubert and Sabrina Marie Grannan and Samuel P. Kounaves},
  journal={American laboratory},
  volume={31 20},
Researchers describe research design and equipment for electrochemical analysis of Martian soil. The Wet Chemistry Laboratory (WCL) was designed for the Mars Surveyor 2001 Lander by the Mars Environmental Compatibility Assessment (MECA) team. The WCL consists of four beakers, each containing an integral array of electrochemical sensors. In addition to describing WCL design, the article discusses WCL sensor selection and design, analytical goals of the MECA experiments, expected composition of… CONTINUE READING