Electrochemically induced defects during post Cu CMP cleaning

  title={Electrochemically induced defects during post Cu CMP cleaning},
  author={W. C. Chiou and Y. H. Chen and S. N. Lee and S. M. Jeng and S. M. Jang and M. S. Liang},
  journal={Proceedings of the IEEE 2004 International Interconnect Technology Conference (IEEE Cat. No.04TH8729)},
The electrochemical properties of various cleaning reagents of high, medium or low pH values for post Cu CMP cleaning and their interaction mechanisms with Cu surfaces were studied. Results showed that for the Cu in TMAH (pH=11) a reverse reaction, Cu re-deposition, was also observed although the Cu was easier to corrode due to its more negative corrosion potential in this solution. Because of this abnormal Cu re-deposition, Cu anode and cathode reactions were found to occur at the same Cu… CONTINUE READING

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