Electrochemical oxidation of methylenedioxyamphetamines.

  title={Electrochemical oxidation of methylenedioxyamphetamines.},
  author={Juan Arturo Squella and Bruce K. Cassels and M. Arata and M P Bavestrello and Luis Joaqu{\'i}n N{\'u}{\~n}ez-Vergara},
  volume={40 9},
Four amphetamine derivatives bearing a methylenedioxy group at positions 3 and 4 of the benzene ring and differing in their substitution at C(6) were studied by differential pulse voltammetry in aqueous media. These experiments showed a single oxidation peak for the C(6)-H, -Br and -Cl compounds, while the C(6)-NO(2) analogue was not oxidized. The oxidation peak is interpreted as due to the removal of one electron from the aromatic electrophore with formation of a radical cation stabilized by… CONTINUE READING