Electrochemical Analysis of Solids. a Review

  • Tomáš GRYGARa, Frank MARKENb, Uwe SCHRÖDERc, Fritz SCHOLZc
  • Published 2002


Tomáš GRYGARa,*, Frank MARKENb, Uwe SCHRÖDERc1 and Fritz SCHOLZc2 a Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, 250 68 Řež, Czech Republic; e-mail: grygar@iic.cas.cz b Department of Chemistry, Loughborough University, Epinal Way, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 3TU, U.K.; e-mail: f.marken@lboro.ac.uk c Institute of Chemistry, E.-M. Arndt University Greifswald, D… (More)


14 Figures and Tables

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