Electrocatalytic and homogeneous approaches to conversion of CO2 to liquid fuels.

  title={Electrocatalytic and homogeneous approaches to conversion of CO2 to liquid fuels.},
  author={Eric E Benson and Clifford P Kubiak and Aaron J. Sathrum and Jonathan M. Smieja},
  journal={Chemical Society reviews},
  volume={38 1},
  • Eric E Benson, Clifford P Kubiak, +1 author Jonathan M. Smieja
  • Published in Chemical Society reviews 2009
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Research in the field of catalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to liquid fuels has grown rapidly in the past few decades. This is due to the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and a steady climb in global fuel demand. This tutorial review will present much of the significant work that has been done in the field of electrocatalytic and homogeneous reduction of carbon dioxide over the past three decades. It will then extend the discussion to the important conclusions from… CONTINUE READING

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