Electrocardiographic markers of cardiac metastasis.

  title={Electrocardiographic markers of cardiac metastasis.},
  author={C U Cates and Renu Virmani and William K. Vaughn and Rose Marie Robertson},
  journal={American heart journal},
  volume={112 6},
Cardiac metastases are often clinically inapparent but have important prognostic significance. A total of 1046 consecutive autopsies performed between 1981 and 1983 were reviewed, and 210 patients with both premortem and autopsy diagnoses of cancer were found, in whom a recent (less than 3 months before death) ECG was available. Of these patients, 47 had cardiac metastases (group I) and 163 did not (group II). In group I, 19 patients had new ECG changes suggestive of myocardial ischemia or… CONTINUE READING


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