Electrocardiographic changes in experimental chronic murine Chagas' disease.

  title={Electrocardiographic changes in experimental chronic murine Chagas' disease.},
  author={Moys{\'e}s Sadigursky and S{\^o}nia Gumes Andrade},
  journal={Brazilian journal of medical and biological research = Revista brasileira de pesquisas medicas e biologicas},
  volume={19 3},
An electrocardiographic study was performed on 26 AKR and 32 A/J inbred mice and on 100 Swiss outbred mice, chronically infected with different strains of T. cruzi, characterized as Types I, II and III. The incidence of electrocardiographic alterations in AKR mice was of 87.0%, 80.0% and 83.3% respectively for infection with the Type I, Type II and Type III strains of T. cruzi. In A/J mice the incidence of electrocardiographic alterations was 100% in the infection with the Type I and Type III… CONTINUE READING