Electrocardiographic ST-segment changes during acute, severe isovolemic hemodilution in humans.

  title={Electrocardiographic ST-segment changes during acute, severe isovolemic hemodilution in humans.},
  author={Jacqueline M. Leung and Richard B. Weiskopf and John R. Feiner and Harriet W. Hopf and Shana D Kelley and Maurene K. Viele and Jeffrey Lieberman and Jessica J Watson and Meher Noorani and Darwin Pastor and Heng Lin Yeap and Rachel Li Wei Ho and Pearl Toy},
  volume={93 4},
BACKGROUND Controversy exists regarding the lowest blood hemoglobin concentration that can be safely tolerated. The authors studied healthy resting humans to test the hypothesis that acute isovolemic reduction of blood hemoglobin concentration to 5 g/dl would produce an imbalance in myocardial oxygen supply and demand, resulting in myocardial ischemia. METHODS Fifty-five conscious healthy human volunteers were studied. Isovolemic removal of aliquots of blood reduced blood hemoglobin… CONTINUE READING

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