Electrocardiogram during deep breath-hold dives by elite divers.

  title={Electrocardiogram during deep breath-hold dives by elite divers.},
  author={M Ferrigno and Bruno Grassi and G. Samuelli Ferretti and M da G Costa and Claudio Marconi and Paolo Cerretelli and Claes E. G. Lundgren},
  journal={Undersea biomedical research},
  volume={18 2},
A portable ECG recorder was used during breath-hold dives at sea by 3 elite divers to 65 and 45 m. ECG was also recorded during nonimmersed maximal breath holds in the divers and 8 control subjects. Heart rate in the dives decreased rapidly to 20-24 beats.min(-1). During the surface experiments in the divers, bradycardia was much slower in onset, reaching 28-36 beats.min(-1) at the end of the breath holds. The divers showed a more consistent bradycardial response than the controls. The… CONTINUE READING

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