Electroantennogram responses of the oriental fruit fly , Dacus dorsalis , to a spectrum of alcohol and aldehyde plant volatiles

  title={Electroantennogram responses of the oriental fruit fly , Dacus dorsalis , to a spectrum of alcohol and aldehyde plant volatiles},
  author={Douglas M. Light and Jang},
Electroantennograms (EAGs) were recorded from unmated, laboratory-reared, male and female oriental fruit flies, Dacus dorsalis, in response to a range of between C~ and Cl2 carbon chain-length saturated and unaturated aliphatic alcohols and aldehydes, most all of which are known host-plant volatiles. Only two of the 35 compounds tested elicited significantly larger EAGs from female than male antennae. For the two functionalgroup series tested, aldehydes elicited responses greater than or equal… CONTINUE READING
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