Electroactuation of fluid using topographical wetting transitions.

  title={Electroactuation of fluid using topographical wetting transitions.},
  author={J. F. Baret and Michel M. J. Decre and S. Herminghaus and Ralf Seemann},
  journal={Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids},
  volume={21 26},
The complex morphologies of liquids on topographically structured substrates are exploited for liquid actuation in open microchannels. The liquid is either confined in prefabricated grooves, thus forming elongated filaments, or gathers in macroscopic drops without invading the grooves, depending on conditions. Using the electrowetting effect, we can reversibly switch between these two states. The length of the filaments is sensitive to the ionic content of the liquid and can be described… CONTINUE READING