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Electro-oxidation of tannery soak water using solar photovoltaic stand-alone systems

  title={Electro-oxidation of tannery soak water using solar photovoltaic stand-alone systems},
  author={K. Iyappan and R. Boopathy and L. Suguna and N. Vedaraman},
The recalcitrant organics matters present in the tannery soak water and generation of CO2 by the conventional grid-power, becomes a major problem to meet pollution control board norms in Tamil Nadu. Treatment of tannery soak water has become significant with the declining water resources. An eco-friendly electrochemical oxidation on tannery soak water was investigated using solar PV stand-alone systems (SPV) to supply constant power to eliminate the conventional grid-power. Electro-oxidation… Expand
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