Electro-optic spectral filter based on optical superlattice LiNbO3

  title={Electro-optic spectral filter based on optical superlattice LiNbO3},
  author={Yan-qing Lu and Quan Wang and Yuan-Xin Xi and Zhi-Liang Wan and Xue-jing Zhang and Nai-ben Ming},
Abstract Electro-optic (EO) effect of optical superlattice LiNbO3 (OSLLN), a single crystal with periodic ferroelectric domain structure was studied theoretically and experimentally. Because the electro-optic coefficient has different signs in different domains, the refractive index ellipsoid deforms periodically in the presence of an electric field applied along the Y-axis, which results in the coupling between the extraordinary wave and ordinary wave. Under specific conditions, the… CONTINUE READING

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