Electro-hydrodynamic atomization of drug solutions for inhalation purposes.

  title={Electro-hydrodynamic atomization of drug solutions for inhalation purposes.},
  author={J C Ijsebaert and Kees B. Geerse and Jan C. M. Marijnissen and Jan-Willem J Lammers and Pieter Zanen},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={91 6},
Monodisperse aerosols show therapeutic advantages, but they are difficult to generate. A new method (electrohydrodynamic atomization) is described. A high voltage is applied to a nozzle through which a solution, containing dissolved drug, is pumped. At the nozzle tip, a liquid cone is formed and a stream of monodisperse droplets is released. The droplet diameter is governed by the density, conductivity, and the flow rate of the fluid. The droplets are charged and need to be neutralized… CONTINUE READING