Electricity production by an overflow-type wetted-wall microbial fuel cell.

  title={Electricity production by an overflow-type wetted-wall microbial fuel cell.},
  author={Zhongjian Li and Xingwang Zhang and Yuxuan Zeng and Lecheng Lei},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
  volume={100 9},
An overflow-type wetted-wall MFC (WWMFC) was developed to generate a stable voltage from acetate-based substrates. The maximum power density of 18.21 W/m(3) was obtained. The power generation showed a saturation-type relationship as a function of initial COD, with a maximum power density (P(max)) of 18.82 W/m(3) and a saturation constant (K(s)) of 227.4 mg/l. Forced air flowing through the cathode chamber had a negligible effect on power generation. Influent flow rate could greatly affect the… CONTINUE READING
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