Electricity generation from tetrathionate in microbial fuel cells by acidophiles.

  title={Electricity generation from tetrathionate in microbial fuel cells by acidophiles.},
  author={Mira L K Sulonen and Marika E Kokko and A. M. Lakaniemi and Jaakko A. Puhakka},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
Inorganic sulfur compounds, such as tetrathionate, are often present in mining process and waste waters. The biodegradation of tetrathionate was studied under acidic conditions in aerobic batch cultivations and in anaerobic anodes of two-chamber flow-through microbial fuel cells (MFCs). All four cultures originating from biohydrometallurgical process waters from multimetal ore heap bioleaching oxidized tetrathionate aerobically at pH below 3 with sulfate as the main soluble metabolite. In… CONTINUE READING


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