Electrically conductive asphalt concrete: An alternative for automating the winter maintenance operations of transportation infrastructure

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Investigation the CF Based Conductive Asphalt Mixtures for Anti-icing

In recent years, researchers have been working on a new type of pavement called electrically conductive asphalt to be anti-icing. In this study, hot mix asphalt (HMA) stone mastic asphalt (SMA)

A Numerical Simulation of Electrical Resistivity of Fiber-Reinforced Composites, Part 2: Flexible Bituminous Asphalt

Asphalt concrete pavements are vulnerable to freeze-thaw cycles. Consecutive cracking and penetration of corrosive agents can expedite the degradation of asphalt pavements and result in weight loss

Snow Melting Performance of Graphene Composite Conductive Concrete in Severe Cold Environment

The time required to melt a 24 h snow thickness, accumulated during a simulated severe snow event, was only 2 h, which provides an empirical basis for the application of graphene composite conductive concrete to pavement snow melting in cold regions.

Impact of Carbon Particle Character on the Cement-Based Composite Electrical Resistivity.

It may be concluded that graphite fillers featuring very fine particles and high specific surface are most suitable and most effective for creating electrically conductive silicate composites.



Carbon fiber-based electrically conductive concrete for salt-free deicing of pavements

Investigating the Heat Generation Efficiency of Electrically-Conductive Asphalt Mastic Using Infrared Thermal Imaging

One of the emerging technologies for producing sustainable ice-and snow-free pavements is the use of electrically-conductive surface courses, e.g., electrically-conductive asphalt concrete (ECAC)

Controlling Conductivity of Asphalt Concrete with Graphite

Electrically conductive asphalt concrete has a huge potential for various multifunctional applications such as self-healing, self-sensing, and deicing. In order to utilize the full spectrum of

Effects of Electrically Conductive Additives to Laboratory-Measured Properties of Asphalt Mixtures

An asphalt mixture generally behaves as an insulator. The addition of electrically conductive additives may produce conductive asphalt mixtures. The present study investigated effectiveness of

Electrically-conductive asphalt mastic: Temperature dependence and heating efficiency

Induction healing of dense asphalt concrete

Steel fiber confined graphite concrete for pavement deicing