Electrically charged finite energy solutions of an SO(5) and an SU(3) Higgs–Chern–Simons-Yang–Mills–Higgs system in 3+1 dimensions

  title={Electrically charged finite energy solutions of an SO(5) and an SU(3) Higgs–Chern–Simons-Yang–Mills–Higgs system in 3+1 dimensions},
  author={Francisco Navarro-L{\'e}rida and D. H. Tchrakian},
  journal={International Journal of Modern Physics A},
We study spherically symmetric finite energy solutions of two Higgs–Chern–Simons-Yang–Mills–Higgs (HCS-YMH) models in 3+1 dimensions, one with gauge group SO(5) and the other with SU(3). The Chern–Simons (CS) densities are defined in terms of both the Yang–Mills (YM) and Higgs fields and the choice of the two gauge groups is made so that they do not vanish. The solutions of the SO(5) model carry only electric charge and zero magnetic charge, while the solutions of the SU(3) model are dyons… 
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