Electrically charged black holes in linear and nonlinear electrodynamics: Geodesic analysis and scalar absorption

  title={Electrically charged black holes in linear and nonlinear electrodynamics: Geodesic analysis and scalar absorption},
  author={Marco A. A. Paula and Luiz C. S. Leite and Lu{\'i}s C. B. Crispino},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Along the last decades, several regular black hole (BH) solutions, i.e., singularity-free BHs, have been proposed and associated to nonlinear electrodynamics models minimally coupled to general relativity. Within this context, it is of interest to study how those nonlinear-electrodynamic-based regular BHs (RBHs) would interact with their astrophysical environment. We investigate the propagation of a massless test scalar field in the background of an electrically charged RBH solution, obtained… 
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