Electrically Driven Resonant Oscillations of Pendant Hemispherical Liquid Droplet and Possibility to Evaluate the Surface Tension in Real Time

  title={Electrically Driven Resonant Oscillations of Pendant Hemispherical Liquid Droplet and Possibility to Evaluate the Surface Tension in Real Time},
  author={N. Tankovsky and Nikolay Zografov and Stoyan C. Russev},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Physikalische Chemie},
  pages={1759 - 1766}
Abstract The influence of the supporting surface on the resonant frequency of pendant droplets has been examined experimentally. It has been shown that for spherical pendant droplets the correction term due to the boundary conditions at the supporting surface depends on the geometry and material of the supporting element, but also on the liquid of the droplet, which makes calibration impossible. In contrast, for hemispherical pendant droplets the influence of the boundary conditions can be kept… 
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