Electrical tracing-assisted dual-microring label‑free optical bio/chemical sensors.

  title={Electrical tracing-assisted dual-microring label‑free optical bio/chemical sensors.},
  author={Junfeng F Song and Xianshu Luo and X. G. Tu and Mi Kyoung Park and Jack Sheng Kee and Huijuan Zhang and Mingbin Yu and Guoqiang Lo and Dim-Lee Kwong},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={20 4},
We propose and demonstrate a novel electrical tracing-assisted dual-microring resonator-based optical sensor system in silicon-on-insulator substrate. The system comprises one microring resonator-based sensing element and another microring resonator-based tracing element integrated with electrical controller. The resonance wavelength shift of sensing microring induced by the refractive index change is traced and determined by direct voltage supply of the electrical tunable tracing microring… CONTINUE READING
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