Electrical-sedimentary anisotropy of Rogen moraine, Lake Rogen area, Sweden

  title={Electrical-sedimentary anisotropy of Rogen moraine, Lake Rogen area, Sweden},
  author={Raimo Sutinen and Mari Jakonen and Matti Piekkari and Paula Haavikko and Paavo N{\"a}rhi and Maarit Middleton},
  journal={Sedimentary Geology},
Paleoglaciological dynamics in northern Manitoba and the subglacial bed mosaic
This paper presents a new subglacial landform map for northern Manitoba (58°-60°N). The region was formerly covered by the Laurentide Ice Sheet and is located at the southern margin of the Late
Rögen Moraine as a Transitional Bedform in an Erosional Subglacial System
Ribbed (Rogen) moraine in northeastern Minnesota associated with the Rainy Lobe of the Laurentide Ice Sheet is extensively distributed at transition of scoured Canadian Shield bedrock and thick
Maskevarri Ráhppát in Finnmark, northern Norway - is it an earthquake-induced landform complex?
Abstract. The Sami word rahppat means rough bouldery/stony terrain with sharp-relief topography in Finnmark, northern Norway. Rahppat is a common name in the region of the Younger Dryas landforms,


Sediment anisotropy coincides with moraine ridge trend in south‐central Finnish Lapland
The morpho‐sedimentary anisotropy of a field of moraine ridges, classified previously as ribbed moraine, was studied by means of ASTER satellite data, airborne radiometric (AR) data, digital
A depositional model for Rogen moraine, with examples from the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland
Rogen moraine is explained by subglacial meltwater processes through a form analogy between moraine ridges and ripples produced on the underside of river ice. This mechanism for Rogen moraine
The Veiki moraines in northern Sweden - widespread evidence of an Early Weichselian deglaciation
The Veikimoraines in northernmost Sweden display a very conspicuous distribution pattern, sharply demarcated to the east and successively decreasing to the south, west and north. The sharp
Ribbed moraine formed by subglacial folding, thrust stacking and lee‐side cavity infill
Transverse‐to‐iceflow ribbed moraine occurs in abundance in the coastal zone of northern Sweden, particularly in areas below the highest shoreline (200–230 m a.s.l.), but occasionally also slightly