Electrical responses to frog taste cells to chemical stimuli.

  title={Electrical responses to frog taste cells to chemical stimuli.},
  author={Norio Akaike and Akinori Noma and Masanobu Sato},
  journal={The Journal of physiology},
  volume={254 1},
1. Cells inside a fungiform papilla of the frog tongue were impaled with a glass capillary micro-electrode filled with 3 M-KCl. Cells considered to be taste cells showed a resting potential of about -35 mV and an input resistance of 17 Momega on the average. 2. Application of chemical stimuli such as salts, acids and quinine produced a sustained depolarization in a taste cell, the magnitude of depolarization being dependent on the stimulus concentration. Water and weak NaCl solution yielded a… CONTINUE READING
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