Electrical and transport characteristics of skin of larval Rana catesbeiana.

  title={Electrical and transport characteristics of skin of larval Rana catesbeiana.},
  author={Thomas C. Cox and R H Alvarado},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={237 1},
Carefully dissected, mounted, and bathed with Ringer solution, the larval bullfrog skin has a resistance of about 9,000 omega.cm2 and a stable transepithelial electrical potential of about 20 mV (inside +). A short-circuit current of about 2 microA.cm-2 is generated that is comparable in magnitude to the net inward flux of Na+. At open circuit the flux ratio equation for Na+ is not satisfied. Larval skin is less sensitive to ouabain, amiloride, and ADH than adult skin. The current-voltage (C-V… CONTINUE READING

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