Electrical and Micro-structural Properties of Cadmium Chalcogenides: A Comparative Study

  • V. K. Kamble, V. B. Pujari
  • Published 2015


By considering the practical importance of Cadmium chalcogenide, CdX (X = S, Se, Te), thin films of these materials were deposited onto the glass micro slides by a chemical bath deposition technique. These as deposited samples were thin, uniform, adherent and diffusely reflecting. These thin films were characterized to understand the electrical conduction mechanism involved in these films at ambient and higher temperatures. The thermo-electric power measurements were also made to know the type of conduction mechanisms involved therein. The possible conduction mechanism has been discussed which indicate that the electric transport properties of cadmium chalcogenides is mainly governed by the intergrain barrier potential scattering. These as-deposited thin film samples were further characterized and analyzed by low angle X-ray diffraction technique and scanning electron microscopy for their structures and surface morphological information respectively, which reveals the polycrystalline nature of these cadmium chalcogenide thin films. Keywords— CdX (S, Se, Te), structural, microscopic and electrical properties.

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