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Electrical Regenerative Braking With Permanent Magnetic System – A Critical Analysis

  title={Electrical Regenerative Braking With Permanent Magnetic System – A Critical Analysis},
  author={C. Maruthi Ratna Kishore},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
  • C. Kishore
  • Published 17 May 2013
  • Engineering, Physics
  • International Journal of Computer Applications
In this work an attempt is made to show that the braking of an electric drives in industries and automobiles using permanent magnets which produce energy while braking and it is a similar one to that of the existing electric regenerative braking. Also to show permanent magnetic system is a better one than existing electromagnetic brake, eddy current brake and electric brakes, etc. 



Optimized design of an integrated eddy-current and friction brake for automotive applications

  • S. GayM. Ehsani
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    2005 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference
  • 2005
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