Electrical Properties of Pyrite-Type and Related Compounds with Zero Spin Moment

  title={Electrical Properties of Pyrite-Type and Related Compounds with Zero Spin Moment},
  author={Fritz Hulliger},
Theoretical Investigation of the Electronic, Elastic, Vibration, Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of PtAsP Mixed Pyrite Phase
Theoretical investigation on the elastic constants, phonon frequencies, thermodynamic and the transport properties of PtAsP mixed cubic pyrite phase was performed using the first-principlesExpand
NiP2: A Story of Two Divergent Polymorphic Multifunctional Materials
In this paper, we explore the drastic differences in transport properties and catalytic activities for two structural polymorphs of NiP2: cubic (Pa3; No. 205) and monoclinic NiP2 (C2/c; No. 15). TheExpand
Adsorption of Water, Methanol, and Formic Acid on Fe2NiP, a Meteoritic Mineral Analogue
The surface of an analogue to the meteoritic mineral schreibersite or (Fe,Ni)3P was investigated to provide insight into the interaction of the mineral surface with prebiotic molecules such as water,Expand
Long Blood Residence and Large Tumor Uptake of Ruthenium Sulfide Nanoclusters for Highly Efficient Cancer Photothermal Therapy
A novel TMS-based PTT agent, ruthenium sulfide-based nanoclusters (NCs), to overcome the current limitations and exhibit enhanced blood circulation time and tumor-targeting efficiency in vivo compared with other TTS nanoagents. Expand
Synthesis, crystal structure, and electronic properties of high-pressure PdF2-type oxides MO2 (M = Ru, Rh, Os, Ir, Pt).
The polycrystalline MO2's (HP-PdF2-type MO2, M = Rh, Os, Pt) with high-pressure PdF2 compounds were successfully synthesized under high-pressure conditions for the first time, to the best of ourExpand
Theoretical investigation on compressibility, electronic and thermodynamic properties of single crystal PtAs2 under high pressure
Abstract A theoretical investigation on compressibility, electronic and thermodynamic properties of recently reported semiconductor PtAs 2 at high pressure and high temperature was performed byExpand
Metallurgical and thermoelectric properties in Co1−xPdxSb3 and Co1−xNixSb3 revisited
Abstract Polycrystalline thermoelectric Co 1− x M x Sb 3 (M = Ni, Pd) skutterudites have been synthesized by melting, annealing, and spark plasma sintering. The solubility limit of Pd and Ni areExpand
Structural and electronic properties of the pseudo-binary compounds PdX2 (X=P, S and Se)
Abstract We have investigated the structural and electronic properties of the PdX 2 ( X = P , S and Se) compounds. The calculations are based on the all-electron full potential linearized augmentedExpand
Ab initio simulation of the fundamental vibrational frequencies of selected pyrite-type pnictides
Abstract DFT calculations on pyrite-type SiP 2 , PtN 2 , PtP 2 and PtAs 2 have been performed using the C rystal 06 code for the simulation of fundamental vibrational frequencies in periodic systems.Expand


Superconductivity and semiconductivity in cobaltite- and pyrite-type compounds
Cobaltite-type compounds, which are the ternary analogs of the pyrites, are examined for their superconducting properties. A magnetic induction method was used to establish a transition toExpand
Abstract : RhP2, IrP2, NiP2, and PdP2 were synthesized by heating mixtures of metal powder and red phosphorus in evacuated and sealed silica tubes between 800 and 1100 C. Analysis of the X-ray powderExpand