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Electrical Load Forecasting in Power Distribution Network by Using Artificial Neural Network

  title={Electrical Load Forecasting in Power Distribution Network by Using Artificial Neural Network},
  author={Ali Nahari and Habib Rostami and Rahman Dashti},
Today, one of most important concerns in electrical power markets and distribution network is supplying the customer demands. In order to manage the market it is necessary to forecast the usage of electrical power in distribution network. The pattern of electrical power usage depends on many different parameters such as the week days, seasons, weather condition and etc. Today, researchers by using an artificial intelligence based on the natural intelligence are trying to forecast the costumers… 

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  • Ali Nahari, R. Dashti
  • Engineering
    2011 International Conference on Advanced Power System Automation and Protection
  • 2011
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ISSN (Online): 2249–071X, ISSN (Print)
  • ISSN (Online): 2249–071X, ISSN (Print)
KarimiMadahi, “Enhancement the accuracy of daily and hourly Short Time Load Forecasting using Neural Network
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