Electrical Behavior of Phase-Change Memory Cells Based on GeTe

  title={Electrical Behavior of Phase-Change Memory Cells Based on GeTe},
  author={Luca Perniola and Veronique Sousa and A. Fantini and Edrisse Arbaoui and Audrey Bastard and Marilyn Armand and A. Fargeix and Carine Jahan and Jean-Francois Nodin and A. Persico and Denis Blachier and Alain Toffoli and Sebastien Loubriat and Emanuel Gourvest and Giovanni Betti Beneventi and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Feldis and S. Maitrejean and S. Lhostis and A. Roule and O. Cueto and Gilles Reimbold and Ludovic Poupinet and Thierry Billon and Barbara de Salvo and Daniel Bensahel and Pascale Mazoyer and Roberto Annunziata and P. Zuliani and F. Boulanger},
  journal={IEEE Electron Device Letters},
In this letter, we present a study on the electrical behavior of phase-change memories (PCMs) based on a GeTe active material. GeTe PCMs show, first, extremely rapid SET operation (yielding a gain of more than one decade in energy per bit with respect to standard GST PCMs), second, robust cycling, up to 1 × 105, with 30-ns SET and RESET stress time, and third, a better retention behavior at high temperature with respect to GST PCMs. These results, obtained on single cells, suggest GeTe as a… CONTINUE READING
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