Electric source imaging in frontal lobe epilepsy.

  title={Electric source imaging in frontal lobe epilepsy.},
  author={Martine Gavaret and Jean-Michel Badier and Patrick Marquis and Aileen McGonigal and Fabrice Bartolomei and Jean R{\'e}gis and Patrick Chauvel},
  journal={Journal of clinical neurophysiology : official publication of the American Electroencephalographic Society},
  volume={23 4},
The objective of this study was to determine the validity of interictal spike (IIS) source localization in frontal lobe epilepsies (FLE) using stereoelectroencephalography as a validating method. Ten patients with drug-resistant FLE were studied with high-resolution EEG and stereoelectroencephalography. Sixty-four scalp channels, a realistic head model, and different algorithms were used. For each patient, the intracerebral interictal distribution was studied and classified into one of three… CONTINUE READING