Electric-field-responsive handle for large-area orientation of discotic liquid-crystalline molecules in millimeter-thick films.

  title={Electric-field-responsive handle for large-area orientation of discotic liquid-crystalline molecules in millimeter-thick films.},
  author={Daigo Miyajima and Fumito Araoka and Hideo Takezoe and Jungeun Kim and Kenichi Kato and Masaki Takata and Takuzo Aida},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
  volume={50 34},
As well-known for liquid-crystalline (LC) displays a variety of rodlike LC molecules that assemble into nematic and smectic phases align unidirectionally under the influence of an electric field (E field). In these cases, the direction of such oriented LC molecules can be controlled as desired. Hence, if semiconducting discotic LC molecules that assemble columnarly can be aligned likewise by an E field, superiorly conducting electronic devices with suitably oriented pathways for carrier… 

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