Electric-field control of local ferromagnetism using a magnetoelectric multiferroic.

  title={Electric-field control of local ferromagnetism using a magnetoelectric multiferroic.},
  author={Ying-Hao Chu and Lane W Martin and Mikel B Holcomb and Martin Gajek and Shu-jen Han and Qing He and Nina Balke and Chan-Ho Yang and Donkoun Lee and Wei Hu and Qian Zhan and Pei-ling Yang and Arantxa Fraile-Rodr{\'i}guez and Andreas Scholl and Shan X. Wang and R. Ram{\'e}sh},
  journal={Nature materials},
  volume={7 6},
Multiferroics are of interest for memory and logic device applications, as the coupling between ferroelectric and magnetic properties enables the dynamic interaction between these order parameters. Here, we report an approach to control and switch local ferromagnetism with an electric field using multiferroics. We use two types of electromagnetic coupling phenomenon that are manifested in heterostructures consisting of a ferromagnet in intimate contact with the multiferroic BiFeO(3). The first… CONTINUE READING
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