Electric-field control of ferromagnetism in Mn-doped ZnO nanowires.

  title={Electric-field control of ferromagnetism in Mn-doped ZnO nanowires.},
  author={Li-Te Chang and Chiu-Yen Wang and Jianshi Tang and Tianxiao Nie and Wanjun Jiang and C Chu and Shamsul Arafin and Liang Guo He and Manekkathodi Afsal and L. G. Chen and Kang L Wang},
  journal={Nano letters},
  volume={14 4},
In this Letter, the electric-field control of ferromagnetism was demonstrated in a back-gated Mn-doped ZnO (Mn-ZnO) nanowire (NW) field-effect transistor (FET). The ZnO NWs were synthesized by a thermal evaporation method, and the Mn doping of 1 atom % was subsequently carried out in a MBE system using a gas-phase surface diffusion process. Detailed structural analysis confirmed the single crystallinity of Mn-ZnO NWs and excluded the presence of any precipitates or secondary phases. For the… CONTINUE READING