Electric-discharge UV radiation source based on a Xe-CsCl vapor-gas mixture

  title={Electric-discharge UV radiation source based on a Xe-CsCl vapor-gas mixture},
  author={M. S. Klenovskii and V. A. Kel’man and Y. V. Zhmenyak and Y. O. Shpenik},
  journal={Technical Physics},
A source of spontaneous UV radiation (excilamp) with a maximum radiation intensity at a wavelength of 308 nm is created. The active medium of the excilamp consists of a mixture of Xe with a CsCl vapor, and this mixture is excited in a longitudinal pulsed-periodic discharge. The B → X transition in the XeCl* exciplex molecule most strongly contributes to the total UV radiation power of the excilamp. The spectral composition of the UV radiation, the time characteristics of the source, and the… Expand
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