Electric dipole moments from colour-octet scalars

  title={Electric dipole moments from colour-octet scalars},
  author={Hector Gisbert and V'ictor Miralles and J. Ruiz-Vidal},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
Abstract We present the contributions to electric dipole moments (EDMs) induced by the Yukawa couplings of an additional electroweak doublet of colour-octet scalars. The full set of one-loop diagrams and the enhanced higher-order effects from Barr-Zee diagrams are computed for the quark (chromo-)EDM, along with the two-loop contributions to the Weinberg operator. Using the stringent experimental upper limits on the neutron EDM, constraints on the parameter space of the Manohar-Wise model are… 

W-boson mass and electric dipole moments from colour-octet scalars

New coloured scalars in the Manohar-Wise model give sizeable contributions to the Electric Dipole Moment (EDM) of the neutron through one-loop and two-loop diagrams, computed in Reference [1].

Global fit on coloured scalars including the last W-boson mass measurement

We consider a simple extension of the electroweak theory, incorporating one SU (2) L doublet of colour-octet scalars with Yukawa couplings satisfying the principle of minimal flavour violation. Using



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