Electric acoustic stimulation of the auditory system: results of a multi-centre investigation.


CONCLUSION A high rate of hearing preservation during cochlear implantation for electric acoustic stimulation (EAS) is possible, even when surgery is conducted by a number of different surgeons. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to determine the degree of hearing preservation using surgery for EAS in a European multi-centre clinical investigation. It also aimed to demonstrate the effect of EAS in individuals with residual low frequency hearing, both on speech perception and on subjective quality of life measures. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eighteen patients with profound high frequency hearing loss were recruited in five participating European centres. Subjects were assessed based on an audiologic test battery, as well as on a subjective hearing aid benefit questionnaire. Each subject underwent attempted hearing preservation cochlear implantation using the MED-EL C40 + device with a Medium electrode. Residual ipsilateral hearing and speech discrimination abilities were assessed at defined intervals up to 12 months after the combined electric-acoustic mode was introduced. RESULTS Results showed that some degree of hearing preservation was possible in 15718 patients. All subjects showed statistically significant benefit on all three speech perception tests over time. These significant benefits were also reflected in the subjective benefit outcomes.

DOI: 10.1080/00016480701805471
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