Electric Vehicle development: The past, present & future

  • Lixin Situ
  • Published 2009 in
    2009 3rd International Conference on Power…


A vehicle is consider Green when it more environmentally friendly than the traditional petroleum combustion engine, in which includes any nontraditional vehicle like, HEV, Plug In, EV, Fuel Cell, Bio fuel etc. that improves fuel economy. The development of electric vehicle has been over a hundred years but failure to gain the public acceptance in various stages due to various reasons which explained. While EV was never mass produced, Hybrid electric vehicle gains the momentum in recent years. Ford has launched its second generation of HEV and GM also announced the debut of the Volt in 2010. Comparing to the regular HEV, Plug in is the new trend in hybrid auto development due to extend travel range in electrical mode and a possibility of a zero emission as long as travel distance is less than charging threshold. However, more recently, an electrification trend in automotive industry has been evolved and will revolutionize the industry. With the correct policy and government help and advancement of electric vehicle technology, the prospect of Electric Vehicle will be bright and the focus point of future development.

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